Trailer Life

* Move Over, Silver Snail

Well, it was bound to happen. I've outgrown my original travelogue, It's hard to believe it was six years ago when I liquidated my apartment and hit the road, and if it wasn't for the Silver Snail website, all I'd have is a few hard drives with a few thousand photos...and memories. It always feels good (and strangely melancholic) to read back and remember that feeling of embarking into the wide world of the unknown and relive the places I've been. But the site has become crowded and limiting and needs a fresh change.

I'm in California now, the joyriding capital of this country, it seems. The coast is beautiful and goes on forever and there are mountains — AND, you can be outside all year long. This got me to thinking about what I've enjoyed most about my life these past few years — all of the great roads I've stumbled upon that led me to incredible places — and the idea of starting a magazine hit. That idea eventually developed into this site (an online magazine of sorts).

It's been a heck of a journey so far, and I'm looking forward to seeing where this new road takes me.