Trailer Life

A Summer Wind...


After a few months in a mountainside cottage rental, I am glad to be back in the Airstream, volunteer hosting at a California state park. And thanks to a local friend, I’ve got a Suzuki GS550 to ride while I’m here. Thanks so much Bruce! My rig can't accommodate a motorcycle without some major changes (new tow vehicle or trailer), and I'm not yet ready to make that kind of change, so I'm feeling pretty lucky to have this bike available to me. Now, if these 105-degree days would just be done with... Still, I'm getting a fair amount of riding in. I've been messing around with video, too and had fun making a short vid of one of my favorite rides. It's part of the Napa Valley to the Sea post.

Scouting RV parks has been a regular practice of mine since 2007, when I started living and traveling in my Airstream. Lately, I've been recording these drive-throughs on video and have uploaded the four primary RV and camping parks in Napa Valley to YouTube. I added music and did some minor editing, but they’re really just about seeing a park from the driver’s seat.

With the soaring temps and drought here in California, I'm parched. Beyond parched. I need rain, so I'm thinking about making plans to spend the winter in the Pacific Northwest. Crazy, right? Hope the Airstream holds up.