Trailer Life

Cookie Decorating


It turns out that making cookies is the perfect culinary craft for trailer life. Thanks to the internet, I got inspired, which progressed into a comprehensive how-to exploration into the art of cookie making on YouTube. Then I got some cookie cutters, disposable pastry bags and decorating tips and gave it a shot.

Cookie decorating is like being a grownup-four-year-old and it's a nice change from my "professional" work that too often keeps me glued to a computer. It's fun, the way making anything feels good. But then, after the fun of making these cookies, I get to give them away to my campground neighbors and share the joy. How great is that for the holidays? …and any other day too!

• lightweight, minimal tools: mixing bowls, something to roll the dough (that wine bottle?), cookie cutter(s), cookie sheet, gel food coloring, pastry bags and piping tips
• you can make them as simple or fancy as you'd like, and they will be beautiful
• easy clean-up – it’s just sugar!
• your family, friends and neighbors will love them (best part)

(If you're interested in learning more about cookie decorating, I found Montreal Confections' YouTube channel to be especially inspiring and informative)

Happy Thanksgiving!