Trailer Life

There's still time


It’s been awhile. Are you still there?

I took a break from traveling to experience living in a community again. Beauty and location usually play a major role in my life decisions, so I took a different kind of job with a meaningful organization whose mission is to preserve all that is wonder-full about our extraordinary wilderness and natural resources. It meant I could live and work for an extended period of time in a powerfully beautiful land — Big Sur, California. Exchanging the freedom to travel and a better income for the nourishment of an astounding natural environment and community involvement seemed like a decent deal.

It’s been a good break. I settled in a bit, learned to draw again and paint with watercolor, learned a lot about people, and myself. I still live in my trailer and it’s easy to say, now after 11 years, that it’s probably one of my better life decisions.

When I first got my trailer in 2007, the tiny home movement wasn't a thing yet, though I had inspiring friends in Maine who lived in yurts and tiny homemade cabins. My intention was to travel. As fate would have it, my tiny home turned into a way of life, allowed me to grow more true to myself, and strengthened my growing spiritual philosophy. 

by Sharon Pieniak

Have you ever felt the blinding joy
Of wonder and beauty
And love contagious?

Have you ever heard your heart’s longing
And answered with,
“I hear you.
I’m listening.
I will.”

Have you ever touched the fire
That sparked a fury of forward momentum —
Your soul’s magic carpet ride?

Have you ever climbed
Out from darkness
To see the infinite spectrum
Of possibilities?

Then hurry.
There’s still time.


#1 Versatility
By far, the versatility and options that come with a house on wheels is the #1 advantage of this lifestyle, especially when you consider the cost of living these days. I’ve discovered options I never knew existed, which opened doors to possibilities I didn’t know I had. Stay or go — I always have the security of home.

#2 Simplicity
I only have what I know I’ll use. The things that I do own add real value to my daily life. Cleaning is a breeze. I don't feel the burden of stuff weighing me down. I am light. I am mobile. I am self-reliant. I can be untethered.



#1 Library
I love books. They're beautiful, tactile. They inspire, inform, entertain and expand. If I could, I would keep every book I've ever read as a sort of memory bank of inspiration. I would have a house where books live.


Waiting to see how life unfolded, I put aside much of what I had been doing. Since I hadn't been traveling as much, I struggled with the fate of Joyrides of America. It felt like I had only just begun, but had it reached it's full potential? Was it time for something new? ...or can new life be breathed into it?

So I’m wondering: when you subscribed to Joyrides of America or just happened upon this site, what was it that interested you here? What would you like to see more of on this site? (please check all that apply)

Thank you for responding. Your response will help me decide if and how Joyrides of America continues, something that’s been itching for awhile now.